About us

Here you can find out a little bit more about who we are, our qualifications, health & safety and insurance policy.

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About us

Here you can find out a little bit more about who we are, our qualifications, health & safety and insurance policy.

About us

Here you can find out a little bit more about who we are, our qualifications, health & safety and insurance policy.

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We are passionate about trees and the quality of tree care. With over 13 years experience in professional climbing we understand and consider how trees interact with the built environment. Pro Climb Tree Surgeons are reasonably priced with a competitive list of tree surgery and maintenance skills. We are on hand to provide a proficient service and sound advice that among many include consultancy and risk assessment. We are very proud of our safety record that is supported by our insurance policy.
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NPTC National Certification

Our Pro Climb employees ave undergone intense training that prepares them to work safely in one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. A good tree surgeon will have an understanding and awareness about how different trees behave under various weather conditions. Our Pro Climb employees have earned and are certified with National Awards .

Maintain & Operate Chainsaw
NPTC CS30 95%
Fell Trees
NPTC CS31 90%
Fell trees over 380mm (Medium +)
NPTC CS32 93%
Climb trees & perform Aerial Rescue
NPTC 100%
Use Chainsaw from Rope & Harness
NPTC CS39 95%
Carry out Pruning Operations
NPTC CS40 83%

Health & Safety

Properties and environments are heavily assessed in accordance with the Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005. All jobs undertaken by a Pro Climb member of staff are signed off after a Risk Assessment which is to ensure a safe work environment. The high safety standards at Pro Climb are imperative and we are very proud of our risk assessment safety records. Our Safety Statement is available on Request.


Occupational First Aid

Our operatives have a Unit Level 8 in: First aid in the workplace, Patient assessment, emergencies, Cardiac first response (CPR & AED), Wounds, bleeding and much more.


Chainsaw CS30.2

Qualification for Professional use, typically for contractual work in professional forestry, amenity or utility arboricultural, for anyone who is required to complete aerial tree work.


Chainsaw CS31 ESB Induction

City & Guilds NPTC is the only certification that state companies & insurance companies accept such as: Coillte, Teagasc, ESB, Irish Rail, FBD, Aviva, Quinn etc.


Climbing CS38 Unit 1

A generous understanding of the theoretical and practical aspects of tree surgery. These are not only required but crucial in order to pass NPTC Units.


Aerial Rescue CS38 Unit 2

CS38 (Tree Climbing and Rescue) and CS39 (Using a Chainsaw from Rope and Harness) have been trained for and assessed separately with high levels of profecicency.


Chainsaw CS30.1

Safe maintenance of chainsaws, felling and processing of trees up to 15” diameter.

Insurance liability scheme

During the last 10 years 24 tree surgeons / arborists have been killed during tree work and nearly 1,400 have suffered an injury. The key cause of these accidents are chainsaws, falls from height or struck by falling timber.

Tree Surgeon Scheme ‘Public Employers Liability’ Limit of Indemnity €13,000,000 ‘Public Liability’ Limit of Indemnity €6,500,000.

Unrestricted Height Limits /  Reduced Policy / Excess Automatic Professional Indemnity Cover included (advice / design risk).

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